Lineage Mythics need a buff

What is the problem?
Lineage mythics need a buff. They are far too weak to deal with new towers and modern base layouts. I know that PG wants to make lineage progression less tedious and more rewarding with the new lineage system, but past tiers also need some love. Most of the past mythic dragons are useless and can only be used for gold farming. I find myself benching dragons when they reach breed-able level a lot more. As a low level player it is so boring and disappointing to get a new dragon that i can’t use.

How is it revelent?
And before you readers say “well this doesn’t affect anything else in the game, its just progression that you need to get through.” because you are wrong. With the new dragon missions, there are some that require expert dragons. The only expert dragon i have that is from Sapphire to Obsidian is Apophet. The only one. And that is only because i used them a lot in atlas gold farming. This limits my xp potion gain which in turn limits my levelling ability. I use XP potions a lot in the breeding event to quickly get a dragon to breed-able to use it as a parent. If i can’t XP potions because i don’t have a dragon at expert, this will affect my progress in the breeding event.

How can a buff be added?
I see two ways, one way has already been done in the past but the other is more affective.
The first is to buff individual spells, mainly by adding them to seasonal dragons and buffing them. This has been done on some past spells:

  • Malefic Breath: Blue → White (i think on Abraxxas but idk)
  • Scavenge: 2 rage → 1 rage on Galgrim
  • Frostbite: 25% → 50% on Ethera

Three modifications can be made: a colour change, a rage cost change and a stat change. By individually buffing spells, previous dragons with those spells would all get buffed. This would include lineage mythics and legendaries. While this does provide a nice buff, individual dragons would still lack the power they need to be similar to current lineage mythics and seasonal legendaries.

The second is to buff the dragons by reworking them. This would require a lot of work, but it would still be less than what PG was previously doing if they brake it down into tiers. For lineage creation, they used to make 9 dragons. Now they are making 4, plus the 3 reworked mythics from a particular tier, which would be 7. 9 > 7. This method would provide the buff mythics need to be comparable to seasonal legendaries power and be affective when battling bases.

Another thing PG could do is add invokers to past tiers, to allow players to gain experience for flying them. (But this is more of a want than a need thing and doesn’t need to happen).
I also don’t legendaries need to be buffed as they aren’t used that often any way (in higher tiers) and this would require too much work. They would also get buffed anyway if the first method for buffing was used.

What Mythics should be buffed?
First of all, not all mythics need a buff. There are oddballs that are good the way they are. Mainly Hauheset. If players can fly this dragon then they can be used at any level. That being said, I think that all of the mythics between Garnet and Harbinger need to be buffed. The others that need to be buffed are: (Up to Empyrean)

  • Apophet
  • Mehaten
  • Oni
  • Seraph
  • Archon

These are the dragons that should be buffed to give new and progressing players the dragons they need to enjoy lineage tiers and progression to end game. That is all i am going to say, if you have any questions please ask them.

This would take an insanely large amount of testing and updating that PG really doesn’t have time for. There are much better issues to be solved than this, (heck this isn’t really that much of an issue).

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I appreciate the spirit but I don’t think this is feasible at all.


Sadly, throughout the checkered history of WDs, PG has played with the meta without considering the consequences.

However, that being said, you only need 1-3 really good dragons to do well. Even as a low level player, if you aren’t experting dragons because they “have no use” is no ones fault but your own. All dragons have a purpose, you said so yourself, you need expert dragons for missions.

Is PG to blame for you being too lazy to expert dragons to do those? No. Should they screw up the meta even more to reward players who are too lazy to do a few so runs a day? No.

/drops mic


I do agree with that lineage dragons need to be “updated” for the current meta.

But changing them to somewhat adapt against new towers is one thing, buffing them is another.

If they’re buffed to a point where they can take out the current meta bases, that’ll take away the drive to get divines. Hence, loss in profit. PG SHOULD be seeking for profit, else there’ll be no WD at all.

So overall sense of strength of lineage dragons can stay the same; weak. though there have been some that are strong.

The part I find too obsolete to a point of needing updates is the older tier lineage dragons’ resistance, which can easily be swapped with one of the existing resistance spells; adaptive flak resist, improved resistances (of helminn), runic scales (of sylvix), and maybe even blade wall (of mordred). excluded adaptive resist as fire turrets also became obsolete.

Even with the said changes, they will stay weak as they’ll lack firepower in general, but at least the changes will make them (weak) dragons of current meta. Since lineage dragons will stay weak, the drive to acquire stronger divines remain the same; PG profit’s safe.

My alternative proposal to making lineage dragons relevant is to make the assault event, Temple Raid guardians, and dungeons lineage only - no riders, no gear, just dragons. It would be easier to develop/tune event bases for lineage dragons than to tune the dragons themselves, I believe.


There you go being all logical :rofl:
That makes far too much sense! Lol
And it would actually require skill…… :scream:


… and actually might be more fun, too. I don’t have a seasonal divine stashed at Plat, and I actually enjoy using Rizar, Kelvin, and Kaiju during TR. Shocking.

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Noctua :facepunch::sunglasses:
I just like flying him and it’s the only temple run I always do!
But that’s really a great suggestion :+1:
That would give them a solid purpose!

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I am sorry that my life isn’t this game and i don’t have time to expert useless dragons that will only be used for missions. I would much rather spend time to do the pvp event, attack for wood or do token missions than expert a dragon i won’t use for attacks.

Buffing lineage mythics won’t screw the meta, it will only allow for those mythics to work in the current meta.

You get branches for the dragons? :joy:. Gilas was for discounted prizes, Imix and Somnus suck, and festive is for drac chests. And even then, i find that there is only ever 1 or 2 legendaries in a season that are actually good. I have two good dragons that i can use to attack a defended base and know i can beat it: Gilas and Ikkumma. Sekhet can’t beat hammer spam, Rath has no damage buff. It would seriously help me if lineage mythics were good. And even then lineage mythics would stay at their tier, and if you

lineage mythics will still stay at their tier, while seasonal legendaries will grow to the next tier, gaining power. So i don’t think good lineage mythics will take away from seasonal dragons.

Wouldn’t it be great if you more dragons like that?

I appreciate all the time and effort you took to draft this.

I respectfully argue against it for one large reason. PG should be focusing their time and energy on other items. There’s a lot of bigger ticket items that need their attention. This would take an exorbitant amount of time, energy, testing, etc and PG has so many other things to focus on.


Why dont people understand the artisan tier will level proportionally with base levels increasing . Any buff during the evolution should make them more user friendly not op . I think people got too comfy with Helmin :confounded:


I am not talking about end game mythics. I am talking about the early game dragons that everyone benches when they reach breed-able level.

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are you sure that’s the right word there?

These arnt useable dragons there is no need to buff them
Also best to work on other things than this like mega alliances

Why don’t you understand that the artisan tier is crap and should have been given their mythic spell sets from the get go?

USEABLE doesn’t mean the dragon is good.

If I have jaalkan then why should I use quillith

if I have sora then why would I use charpent

If I have kinn then why fly washi

All these dragons are inferior to their “mythic” counterparts even though they are designed to hit the same tower levels

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PG can’t seem to design a well rounded single tier of dragons. What makes you think they can fix dozens of dragons that are rarely used anymore anyways? They can’t even balance the current tier and that’s only 4 dragons!

Sure I’m not against them adjusting all the old dragons… but let’s make all current dragons (and all future dragons) well balanced first.

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I am seeing a lot of people have decent runs with them . Do you ever use them or take time to practice ?

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You flying any of them?

like I said

Quillith is no better than phasma when it came out.

They said they wanted to get rid of the “breeders” right? All of them feel like breeders in their current form.

Why not give everyone they mythic spell set so they can spend time with them? Maybe they find more than 1 they wanna evolve. Costs players more tokens and end game players have more than a couple options to hit a base. Win win

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