Lines getting expensive

As of the start of the new Eclipse season I saw that the mythic dragons are getting more expensive. This time it was 20, last time it was 19. With that it is not the mythic, but the legendary dragons are getting expensive. My friends (they are between levels 20-50), they are also wondering why they are getting more expensive. When new low levels see this increase in price they most likely will quit because it is getting harder and harder for them to get it. So I have one question, Why are the prices getting expensive?


Because new tiers are coming out, sucks for them they prob weren’t gonna get one anyway and judging by you asking this question you aren’t getting one either, also the branch price increased by 3k sigil each…

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Usually, the key amount to get a mythic increases by one every season, and since there are more tiers, the branch cost will increase as well.

No it doesn’t, it increases a key every time a new tier is released

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Oh, okay.

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Yeah but the lower level people will just join, under stand the game see the breeding line and leave. Also I don’t see them yet adding the balance in which they have the worth of the sigils.

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@anyone make this make sense to me

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Sorry I had class so I typed fast. I meant to say is that right now they have not announced the new tier so they should give prizes which will balance the cost of the line.

They announced Verdant back in August. I believe that’s the new tier that caused the increase in branch cost.

It’s not, we’re getting a new tier this season


There really is no reason for this sh…tuff to keep getting more and more and more and more expensive. Where does it end? A year from now we will be at 24 keys and 50K sigils per branch. It is really not a sustainable business model.


I agree


As of right now, the highest tier stone you get in branches is verdant. There may be a new tier his season, but I don’t think they’ve implemented it into the game yet.

I Didn’t think a new Tier was coming out until spring since they released the Verdant Mythics this season.

I agree. New players who start the game get overwhelmed by looking at so many tiers. I had many friends who played the game but saw the tiers and quit. Another one played the last event and saw this one . He is asking why is it getting more expensive. With that if they release a new tier more people have to spend more time progressing the game with the pvp/fort breed events. I would love to have pg try new game ideas to make the game more interesting and fun. That would want to make people play the game more. Also if they keep increasing the price it would make it near impossible to get a mythic dragon in 90 days.

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Also they just recently introduced the new verdant mythic and did the new tier. I think they should slow down a bit and fix the other areas and aspects of the game. Adding new events will come at a cost of some bugs and glitches but if those get fixed you have a very new and interesting event which will require people to plan accordingly. I know that is not easy but simply increasing price of the lines and adding new tiers will make people quit more than have fun.

The mythics will have the new stone. Legendaries never do during the release season.

It will come around week 10.


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It simply doesn’t matter if it has been implemented yet because it’s still coming out this season, as far as the three seasons I’ve played it’s release new tier legendary a next season is new tier mythics and then another new tier legendarys


Gal said somewhere to expect the new tier in early Feb (too lazy to find the post)