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i tried the invite button but all friends say no link :tired_face: how can i get rubies if they can’t link to my account. by the way. i love this game. where do i invest lol


close the game (terminate process) then create a new link.

keep on doing it until the link appears.


thanks! it should show in mails?


any option i think so go with notes or mails and it should show up.

experienced that one where it shows . Restarted the game and the link suddenly showed up.


tnx kenaki:kissing_heart: i love this game and want others to join. i play game of war, art of conquest etc and this is best. created my own clan Sky Assassins. we are currently ranked #1 in power in silver 3 league. great peeps. -have a diff question. want to make sure doing defense right when defending others. do i just hold the cannon, tower, farm etc and then click on sword, hammer etc. . what is best with what. i see the energy bar being used but my # of hammers, swords etcneved goes down so though was doing something wrong. tnx :facepunch:t2::facepunch:t2:


when you tap the towers, the bar gets deducted by 1 and does a supershot after a few seconds of charging.

you can use the hammer/sword/armor by dragging them to a location. it will show a green circle and once the green light covers the whole circle, its effect will activate.

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thanks! i do that once by mistake lol and could never redo. so drag what i want to item i want to boost. sword is good for cannons etc? hammer food revuild on all?


hammer good for revuild i mean . chat bar lol


rebuild! :joy::joy::joy:


hammer = repairs lost health on buildings
armor = damage reduction
weapon = increase damage


your awesome. thanks :kissing_heart:


what should i use each on?


You can use the armor and sword once per 5 tower or island.

hammer can be spammed if you know that they can last at least 2-3 seconds.

so when it starts, just use the sword and armor on the islands that is near since armor and sword only has a duration of around 12-13 seconds.

I experienced in the past where I raided a level 130 base and it defeated my Kinnarus because of all the hammer that they keep on using since I can’t destroy it fast enough.

but yeah, if the base is not strong enough to withstand damage within 2-3 seconds, use the sword and armor to make them more powerful and hammer it if you can see it getting destroyed slowly than without the buffs.


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