Linking Forum Account

Is there a way to link your forums account without having to put in your email?

On the forum website on my phone, upon hitting the “Login” button at the top, it gives you a prompt. Either give an email and password, or hit the link and log in via the game.

With logging in via the link to the game, I found that the website still doesn’t acknowledge that it is me and still requires my email.

I no longer have my original password for War Dragons. The email is still the same however, but even though I put in my current password and email it treats it as though it is incorrect. Do I need to reset my War Dragons email in order to gain forum access? If so, what would be some steps that I would need to take?

The best way to do this by contacting pocket gems support system. They are the only team can help you with your account related queries, if a password or email ID needs to be updated or reset. They will verify your details of account then help you further if it requires. Please submit a ticket :ticket:

Option 1 submit ticket via inside the game > Settings> help

Option 2 > use the below link to submit the ticket.

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Have you tried the forget password option? All you need to do is contact PG and tell them you can’t sign into your account and that you forgot your password probably works the same as Email but it’s less difficult.

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I don’t see that option given when looking in the “Account” section of “Settings” (Am an Android user if there is a difference.)

I’m just wondering if you can link your Forums account to your game account without inputting your password

Settings → Forums and More Settings → Forums

That gives you a way to use forums without having to type in your account info.

As for password reset,

Settings → Account → Log Out → Yes → Forgot Password? → Type in your email address you have used for the account you do not remember the password of then submit → Check your inbox or junkbox and click on the link to reset your password


Thanks I forgot if there was a forget password? Option all I recall there was a picture of either Red Pheonix forgot it’s name for the Pheonix from Red tier.

Thanks, I’ll have to try that

As in if you use a different web browser for the forums outside of the game? I doubt it.

I think the in-game browser uses the credentials you’ve typed in for the account that is currently logged on for the game, but you’d have to check that to make sure.


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