Lion's Rage - Health %

Yes I know this has been posted but can’t find it. What is Leos health supposed to be under to activate? Thought it was 65% (and heal 35%), but those clearly are too high. Sorry again as I know this info is out there but it’s 2am and 20 min of looking is enough for me. Thanks!

Think they changed it so it activates under 55%

shield Gives 40% dmg reduction and 35% heal of base health

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Thanks Gox, probably the “base” numbers are what’s messing me up. Definitely closer to 50% health than 65% for the passive to kick in, and when it does kick in need to shield at least twice to reach “full health” again so was confused. Still kinda confused but thank you for confirming that.

Yeah it for sure was 55%, and I believe this was before buffs were applied.

Unsure if they changed it. Seems about the same for me. It definitely does trigger for me before it crosses 50% when my buffs are on…

Triggers for me when I can’t tell if it’s above or under 50% health. 65% seems like I should at least be able to tell it’s above 50%. And if I can heal 35% then I should be full health if I use the shield once the passive kicks in, right? :man_shrugging: as I said to Gox all the differentiating between stats and base stats messes me up

I can test for you, I just know for me it clearly is over the 50% line, but I always have buffs on. It doesn’t look like it kicks on at 65%, but I’d need to record it to really be sure.

I hadn’t seen a communication about it being changed from 55%, but I did see a player claim it wasn’t coming on at the right time, and someone chimed in and said it was due to buffs.

When did they change it? I know they changed it to 55% after the spell reveal:

55% of his health triggers the Lion’s rage. I love my Leos !

Guys, do you boost Leos? Because it’s 65% BASE HP. Every time there’s % in spells its of the base attack or Hp.

So 65 % base hp if you have a hp boost of 30 % is… 50% of 130%!!!

Mystery solved :grin:

Where are you getting the 65%? It’s 55%.

You guys are right it activates at 55% not 65%, I had it switched thinking they boosted it to 65% instead of dropping it to 55%. Should have left it at 65!

I’m just following the thread, I was confused…

Ahh, well to clear up any further thread confusion:

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@Kardul - it has nothing to do with the base. Once Leos gets to 55% health - boosted or not, doesn’t matter - the Lion’s rage engages.

This is strange, spells always worked based on base hp/atk before…

@PGPulse can you give us your input as to why Lion’s Rage seems to be activated differently please?

Hmmm… not true. How many spells like Lion’s rage you know ? Archimera has one like it and that’s it as far as I know.

And I hope PG keeps it the way it is now !

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Spell in general are always tied to base stats when there’s a % involved. But maybe this only concern active spells, not passive ones. I’m not an expert in yellow spells yet :joy: thus I’m asking THE expert in the person of PGPulse.

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Girasol (same spell as Archimera (Starburn)

Thank you, EidolonRM. Didn’t know Girasol had the same as Archimera.

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