List of lvl minimum for breeding and hatching each tier?

Likely already out there somewhere but I’ve been struggling to find it, does anyone have a simple list showing the required levels for breeding and hatching each tier… currently in vanguard and I know you can breed prior to but only hatch at 360 but I have no clue about empyrean. Trying to formulate best plan of action to balance my leveling and breeding this season, thanks.

It’s all here :slight_smile:


Sweet thx, don’t know how I forgot neon WD was a thing🤣


Hahaha, it’s an amazing website! :heart:


The website is confusing because most of the time its parent + parent = parent
Example: Garzev + Caladblog = Garzev

Go to its better there

That’s why those entries are greyed, but they are often still useful for egg breeding. But you should really follow an established path for breeding progression anyway.

That site is literally years out of date.


This site was out of date 4 years ago when I started playing. Please don’t use it as it is inaccurate.

Those breeding pairs are available in game and are useful for extra eggs. If you go to the castle and manually select those dragons you’ll see one of the parents as offspring there too.


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