List of teams in Atlas

Is there a way we can get a complete list of team names posted. It would be very helpful to the teams there. Trying to create a HIT list. Rather than a full alliance list and a do not hit list. Thinking it would be easier all the way around for all involved in Atlast too, if there was one. It would also help new teams to look for in building alliances or sponsors.

Thanks… you guys have done an incredible job with the map, and all the little extras.

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It’s already been posted. There are a couple posts with a list of names of each atlas expansion. Use the search bar to find them.

You think it would be easier to create a list of teams to hit rather than not hit?

Sounds like a fairly large alliance to me :joy::joy:

I’ve searched… cannot find a list of teams. Yes, a hit list would be easier… trust me.

Check out those post when you search for atlas expansion.

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