List with spells info based on hp/atk?

I just can’t get my finger on it, but I’m sure it must exist.

I’m order to choose the correct runes/glyphs for the right dragons we need to know how their spell works.

I don’t understand why we can’t have this info ingame, along with the description of each spell… it would help a lot.

Is there any list with the spells, their effect and how they work (based on modified hp/ark, etc)???

Thanks for your help

@ShadowsOfBirds created a helpful post early last year at Runes, Glyphs, And Frequently Asked Questions and, to make it easier on you, here is the section I believe you’re looking for:

Matching Dragons to Runes/Glyphs
A rune/glyph will only work if the dragon has the spell or resist named in the glyph/rune. Attaching a cannon resist glyph to a dragon that resists archer towers will not make that dragon resist both cannons and archer towers.

Additionally, the spell must be exactly the same in order to work. Invert & reverse projectiles do not use the same runes; neither do invincibility and northern lights, shield blast and explosive shield, or any other similar yet differently named spells.

Mythic & Sapphire+ Dragons
Most have spells that do not have runes for them. Many players will attach runes with a secondary effect of rage or wisdom to these dragons as that is the only buff they can use. Examples: Hauheset, Apophet, A&A


Thanks, but no.

I’m looking to know which spells work based on modified HP or Atk in order to choose the correct runes.

For example. If Lightning is base in modified hp I would put a rune that raise the hp of the dragon with this spell (only for the example sake)

Most attack spell are HP except
DG, Umbral, Solar Strike, Syphon Strike, Tidal Surge, Ragnarok.

All damage modifier spells affect Attack.

Did I miss something? :thinking:

Freeze variant adds one fireball in addition to HP based damage.


Are Earthquake and Rainbow Shot considered freeze variants? :thinking:


:thinking: Perhaps also Frozen Tomb and Tectonic Tomb.

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Syphon strike is based on health.

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Check again.

Syphon Strike is 20x attack.


What you’re looking for is not around that I know of.

Best bet is to search google for “spell name war dragons blog”. Note that some of these have changed with either fixes or spell scaling.

Second is just have to calc it yourself from turning on damage numbers. Make sure to attack a base with high enough towers not to one shot and has no debuffs. Hunters per shot is dps/2, Warrior per damage shown is dps/10, but most spells work as their own total power so usually not applicable, good to know though.

how much health does this shield give?

It says 30% damage in a blog, but i’m honestly not sure if it’s true or not. I thought it was a set # of hits before it went down. But i could also be thinking of something like crystalline shield.

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You must be thinking of GO.


3% and 30% prior to spell rescaling

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What’s GO?

Galvanic overload.


Okay, got it. Never saw the abbreviation for it before

For my first 2 years of playing i firmly believed it was “overlord” :see_no_evil:





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New dragon rider confirmed???

To the OP I think the only two ways of checking this is through the files like someone has done here, or checking the release notes of the dragon. IE for new divines in their full announcement. It’s a cumbersome method and I would love to see some form of this in game.

I mistakenly thought it was galvantic instead of galvanic.