Listen, Linda. Listen

Dear PG and all Forum goers,

I have said it before on other threads, but I am going to say it again. I’m a “basic” Genie. My needs are not great. My love affair with PG began some time ago and the small things that have turned this game into a grind are… well, they are killing me. You’re killing me, Smallz!

Please, can we work on a few of the below - just hear me out before you hang a toilet seat on me…

  1. Basic glitches and bugs that have been written off as fixed due to a “work around”. Shining example: Quests

We have to open and close the event screen. Then, re-open the event in order to view our quests. This began long ago in a galaxy far away. This little glitch was deemed fixed when the players found a temporary work around. - It has not changed. Not fixed.

Reminds me of Prize claiming in atlas…when it claims you skipped one … but I digress.

  1. Lag and synch errors… ← need I say more here? Grinding away an extra 2-3 minutes each time you have to reload makes the uninstall button look prettier than Gunner in his festive hat.

  2. Fun suggestion? OK! What if bounty harbor was upgradeable like our egg token balloon? It would need to be limited to only 4-5 upgrades possible to avoid a large gap between player levels. It could even be a seasonal branch like base boost. You spend some sigils, get a key maybe, and increase your daily reward output.

  3. I know it sounds crazy… but a 24 hour down for maintenance day once a month (2 months?)… Just to keep all of our lives running smooth. Give a chance to fix the bugs and glitches, keep basic player life running smooth, and time to implement any changes.

I’m a basic Genie. I love this game. It is just the extra 2 - 3 minutes on each glitch makes the grind feel even worse. It makes me feel like I can’t even. Just saying…

So Listen, Linda. Listen. I’m begging here…are Any of these possible? (I know my fun number 3 most likely not, but can’t blame a Genie for trying.)

:sparkling_heart:- :woman_genie: Genie


About number 4, why would they do that when they can do it mid glory event? Lol

They normally have to work with apple and Samsung for updates, hence why timing is never fun


I like the idea of an upgradable bounty harbor.


Haha you don’t like the random shutdowns? … I know it is a crazy ask. I can’t help feeling it would help the game run more efficiently. But that one will most likely not happen.

That is also 24 hours of spending loss for them. I don’t know the revenue count in that time frame, but it might not even be cost effective.

There is also the “habit” loss too. If players can’t play this at their personally scheduled time, they’ll go elsewhere which I imagine causes panic in PG’s marketing dept :joy:

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Ikr this is so frustrating and pointless.


:raised_hands: yasssss… frustrating, pointless, and adds to the feeling of the game being a chore instead of fun

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This drives me crazy!!!
We should be able to see our quests the first time they open. It definitely is one of the things about the game that irritates me everyday.

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There has been one thing they changed…now you no longer need to view the quest screen for the quest completion to be triggered. That has massively improved our quest completion percentage lol. People are completing quests that they don’t even know they have!

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@PGGalileo can we at least consider 1 or 2 of these? If we ask nicely with cherries on top?

:sparkling_heart:- Genie

You can add to your list a whole lot of suggestions like removing passage, cooldown for changing 5TA’s, etc…

A whole lot of atlas suggestions masked and made forgotten with all these new shiny new contents brought by PG.

It’s all so pretty and new but what about what really needs to be changed/fixed?


I agree there are a lot of fixes that can be implemented to improve game life. Like I said- Basic Genie.

The atlas needs (passage, map changes, rider changes, stagnation, etc.) All need attention and have many open discussions. You know we are about to summon Malik, Right? His map senses are probably tingling.

I just want to eliminate the extra 2-3 minutes we spend, on our daily grind, due to the bugs and lag. Plus, maybe get an upgradeable bounty harbor…because why not.

You are 100% on the money tho, those changes need to happen too. They will probably get fixed and I will still be frustrated I have to open and close on repeat…


I’m still opening and closing…then, opening again. :pensive:

…gonna break the door on my Genie bottle one of these days

Would you at minimum consider an upgradeable bounty harbor for next season?

… I’ve come to bargin…

@PGTimber @PGGalileo …tempted to tag Jared and Nines…

sending smoke signals and praying someone is listening

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