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Hi ! I’m creating a little Atlas Guide for my french fellas, but there are little details I didn’t find anywhere. It’s not much cause I already know all the important stuff, but still I wonder what’s the name of the 5th beast (image below) and what’s its probability drop (1st line of the Details). Thanks for the help.


His name is Keith. He appears whenever there is a Sudoku puzzle that needs completing and/or whenever a discussion about cheese turns heated.


That is the Minogator and will only show as level 29-35. They are rare on T4 castles, mostly on T5 castles only.

Minogator has the following as bonus drops:

  • 180 fire/ice/earth/wind/dark shards
  • 5 crafting scrolls
  • 1 Red Rider Shard
  • 1 Blue Rider Shard

Now I’m only pulling from the game files here.


Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face:
If you also happen to know how much Team Glory is needed to hire 100k Castle Guards and if this cost depends on Castle/Fort level, I’m interested.
Promise, no more questions after this one :wink:

The amount of team glory needed is 1:1 ratio. So 1 team glory per 1 guard. The fort level only determines how many guards can be hired total and how many can be hired per day.

  • T2 is 2 million guards and 200k per day
  • T3 is 3 million guards and 300k per day (Same as the picture above)
  • T4 is 4 million guards and 400k per day (Never had T4s so extrapolating)
  • T5 is 5 million guards and 500k per day (Never had T5s so extrapolating)

That said, team guards are gained at 0.75:1 for every glory gained by a person. So if I get 1k glory, the team gets 750 team glory.

Gracias :blush:

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