Liven-up breeding event


The breeding event can get pretty boring after first day. I was thinking have something to make it at least a little more entertaining during the event? I had a thought that maybe you could add a base each day that pops up at same or different times during event. And each day base gets harder/higher lvl. Defeating the base gets you egg tokens and the higher lvl the base the more you get. If you defeat every base then you can get a bonus at after defeating last base of 5-10 egg fragments. If you beat all bases I’m thinking total egg tokens someone should get should be around 10-15k. This idea leaves room for change and improvisation but just an idea to liven game up during breeding event


I believe this is a good suggestion idk how they would do the token amount but it has merit


Cvery good idea as breeding event gets boring after a day or two.


:thinking: The question will be…

  1. How about base difficulties? Does league / subleague affect it?
  2. Is there any delay / cooldown / duration?
  3. Will it inflate the prize thresholds?

too much daily quest (normal event quest, daily egg token quest, atlas quest), better improve those daily quest reward, and as this game is pay to win you should lower your price sugestion like the highest egg token reward is 200, and lowes is 10


What would you suggest

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I would say that league should not affect it. As for a cool down. I think if it is only available about 1 hour a day and after that it’s done or maybe it will show up twice giving different time zones a chance. I am not sure what you mean by inflate prize threshold but the amount should be same for everyone regardless of league and should not affect prizes based on egg tokens used. Not sure if I answered everything but hope I did


Right so the prize amounts for defeating bases were just numbers I thought people would want to log in and play for. I notice a lot less activity during this event and thought it would increase it even if just for a little. If prize is too small people won’t think it is worth logging in. Also depending on ur daily quest or event quest, u could use this for that too.


I was done with breeding in less than an hour. However, Atlas has keep all of my team busy this week. Nobody “rested”. That I can assure you. :slight_smile:


I like the idea behind it. A couple things that will come up.

  1. If it’s the same for everyone, a newer player at say level 30 is not going to be able to beat all the bases so they won’t get the bonus. PG would have to gear the bases for certain levels. For example, level 1 to level 50 get these bases. Level 51 to 100 get these bases. Level 101 to 200 get these. And so on. You would need to have the bases at the level to match the tier dragon you should have.
  2. How often do the bases pop up? Would it be fair to all timezones?

Again this was just an idea that had a lot of room to work with. Pg can decide how they want to run it but something additional like this might help, especially for teams without atlasYou could have the base pop up 2-3 times a day for 1 hour each time. Lvl of base won’t matter because you can ask for backup so higher levels can help. Yes lower levels won’t be able to fully benefit if they don’t have players high enough to back for the last few islands.


I wasn’t trying to discredit it all. I like the idea. I was merely opening up a discussion for it


I like the general concept behind this idea as well. Needs some specifics flushed out but PG would do well to send this on to their team. :+1:


Which is why I pop in to see if anyone who could help make that happen see it


I know this will get a lot of flak, hehe, but why not combine feeding/training with breeding! Gives us more to do and we get feeding every 4 weeks instead of losing it completely.


I believe that there have been a lot of discussion on this.
This won’t be a problem if PG can solve food problem during these event (e.g. 0 food for each run? :eyes: )


It has I just don’t have the links handy to put in here


Search button will be a great start to learn whether it is good or not :wink:


Off topic I have a better chance of joining gpf than people looking for search bar
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I’ll bet a nice $99 pack that your chances of joining the GPF are higher than mine. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: