Livestream - 6/10/22

Thanks everyone for hanging out! Short stream today but we did give a hint about the Resurrection Dragon! Also make sure to check out that fan art thread War Dragons - Fan Artwork and add some to it - so we can show it off on next stream.

And if you want to be on the stream drop your name on this thread!

Also i’ll make this thread before the stream next week … ha.

Missed the stream? Check out the VOD here: Twitch


Omg :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

What was the hint? I don’t think I saw it confirmed what the hint was. The person who you said got it correct had listed multiple colors
Was red the correct answer?

If it’s Prospero then at least a lot of people will be happy though I still think all resurrection dragons are pointless.

I think it was said that we’re getting a post on monday for the champion riders. If so can you please include information about the line’s prizes and if they are getting fixed or if it is still gutted from last season? We never did get that response we were promised about what happened to those prizes. Y’all just swept that under the rug again by ignoring us.

omg what?

red was the hint

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Get ready to welcome back Drakius :joy:

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Hmm, seems like the most likely suspects then would be

With those being the only actual “red” past seasonal legendaries who weren’t recent. Morak did have a significant amount of red though. Prospero or Sakura would be the obvious choice out of those since people have been asking for them to come back. I doubt anyone would be going for Drakius or Abraxxas. Scorpa also could be a decent choice.

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we’ll announce it on this week’s stream


I swear you schedule these purposefully looking at my schedule and being like “Ghost can’t make it if it’s here so let’s do it now.”

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so not the plan …ha

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Sekhet could be another red possibility

Sekhet was pretty recent though and so far all the res dragons have been from 2018 or earlier. Not saying couldn’t happen but seems unlikely. Sekhet also does have a more relevant spell set.

I think Prospero or Sakrua would be the smart moves since both were very popular and people have been asking for both to come back.

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