Livestream - 6/17/22

We’ll be talking Telment this Friday (4pm Pacific), have some tips and tricks about spells, and show off some gameplay videos of it in action. Possibly another tease about upcoming dragons content as well.

AND we’ll also be showing off some artwork from our new fan art thread. War Dragons - Fan Artwork

Come join the conversation this Friday on Twitch


Since we got to see all 3 of them during the flight stream with their leaderboard skins, any chance for these individual streams we could see them with their exotic ascension token skin (from their mythic lines)?

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Yeah lemme see if that’s doable


Setting up livestream - gonna talk Telment and announce resurrection dragon we teased out last episode. Come hang out!


Was it doable?

Sorry we couldn’t get that for this stream but RDM and I are working on developing a good way to showcase a lot of new stuff early on streams. We talked about that today - can check it in the VOD.

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Thanks to everyone who showed up today to chat! We’re working on new reveals for upcoming streams - hope to see you next week.

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No stream this week - be back next week with livestream and a reveal.

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See you commented here and I was like wheeee I can do it and now it doesn’t exist.

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whaaaaa? dang. We might aim for one earlier next Friday

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I will add it to my calendar and then if it doesn’t happen I will throw a temper tantrum unlike anything ever seen before on the internet.


next livestream will most likely be 7/8
we’re working on some stream improvements and things to reveal

Since Fort is next week, any idea when we will get info on the new tower? It would be great if we could know something asap.
Actually I wish we knew something now since Im passing on the exotic glyph. Dont have spare electrums to spend on archmages and we dont know what’s coming yet. Would be great to at least know what is happening with the electrum line. Is it getting nerfed of its gold chests? Timers? How many electrums will be offered since they were supposed to be increasing them?
This would all be stuff to let us know about ahead of time like we were told you guys should have when you nerfed the champion rider line last season.


Is there even a new tower? I don’t recall reading anything official. But I did miss the last stream.

Yep, new tower supposed to be coming out