Livestream - 7/22/22

Sorry this is technically off-topic, but there’s not really an appropriate place for it. (The original post I’m referring to was locked.)

Regarding the reskin-- any chance we can get some info on it? Will it be a dragon reskin? A base reskin? Any deets we can get, @PGCarlos ?

Im 99.94% sure it is the usual leaderboard dragon reskin. The leaderboard only offers 2 of the mythic skins so they’re using the limited time branch to offer the 3rd if someone wanted all 3


Is there a stream this week? Also will you guys be doing a stream to preview the new dragon tier? Or the fall season? As much as the other streams are appreciated, I think preview streams are what most people would really like to see make a return



I realize that this has little to do with a livestream, but if you have a definitive major event (PvP events) schedule for next season, do you think you could tell us how it may go moving forward (with regard to possible changes along the way)? Some of us like to plan our seasons in advance, but we don’t know how to approach it if we don’t know the major event schedule. Major events are normally predictable, but they haven’t been as such recently due to shifts in the sequence, so a bit of closure on that would be fantastic if you could get it to us. If not, you don’t have to worry about it as much.

Thank you!

Edit: I see that Crystal Caves is scheduled to run this upcoming week. We had Crystal Caves two major events ago, before having Temple Raid. This is why I’m asking for a schedule.

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Also, unrelated-- we ever getting the Discord? Or, is that off the table?

You get Taco’s discord, and you can be happy with that

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