LKM — GOLD 3 — BKENY36 — were loking for lvl 25+

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About:Language English:
Time Zone:anywhere
Played time:24/7
Age Range: 15+
Elite Account?:not necessary
Dragon Roster Includes:strong dragons
Highest Lineage Dragon:)
Looking for active, communicat/55

About: PokenGenesis here, Officer at BKENY36. Me and my Wife are looking for active players to join our family. The rules are quite simple

#1. communication is a MUST!! If you’re not goingto be participating on declared wars or events communicate that with the leader or one of the officers that way We know and We don’t kick you out.
#2. Be active… everyone must participate in all declared Wars and all events. Wars and events are mandatory…
#3. Helping out the family… we are a family and we treat each other like family. We will help you grow we will help you in back up we will help you with resources or whatever the case may be the fact is we will help you as long as you are active and ask questions dont be shy we all have to asked them at one point. But we also want you to help other members out as well. It’s quite simple we don’t ask for much just for this three Rules Communicate, be active, and help out. FLY STRONG DEFEAT YOUR ENEMIES.Hope to se you in our team

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