LMF--Gold--HeroesRevenge--No Requirement

Language: Mostly English. Open to anyone who can put any English sentence together.
Time Zone: Most are in PST to EST (US time zones), but have players all over the world.
Played time: 2.5 yrs. officers have played 1-3 yrs. we have players ranging from 2 weeks to 3 yrs.
Age Range: 18+ please.
Elite Account?: Not a requirement, but it doesn’t hurt as well.
Dragon Roster Includes: Dragons that can fly.
Highest Lineage Dragon: DO NOT CARE

About: HeroesRevenge is about two main things. Camaraderie/socializing and flying dragons! We want you to be active (because who else visits a recruiting forum if they don’t want to play, amiright?). We want you to have fun. We support all our members, both in game and in life. Players span the globe, so there would be someone in your timezone. We do not have atlas, and quite honestly, it’s not a priority to us. YOU ARE. If you have any interest, we have it at auto-join in game, so just apply. If you have any questions, or just want to say hello, I am XxHokaxX in-game, and x7thHokagex on Line. Look forward to meeting you!

Hi. My spouse and I are currently looking for a new team. We are level 35 and 37 (almost 38) are very active, usually on after work and during breaks.
We are Elite Account holders as well. We are looking for a team that is consistently on with a high activity rating as we feel that sometimes we are the only ones trying in wars and events. We are also looking for strong leadership.
My Username: SylvrNight
Spouse’s: StWalker
Thank you

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