LMF - Silver I Angry Enkis - HomeGrownOutCa - Active Lvl 18+ Prefered but Open


We are a family first. We want to build out team with respect for each other , as of course you would have for your own family.

We do require that you do your part ie: Wars and Events, however we do understand this is a game and we all have lives outside of it that cause us to sometimes miss these events, but as long as you get in touch with an officer and let them know your situation there will be no reason to worry about being kicked. We want to have fun and grow with each other, winning prizes is of course a bonus and the more active a family we have the better.

If you want to learn the basics and have fun doing it this is the team for you ! Please feel free to join us we would love to welcome you in and share all we know!


Hi. It appears our teams have similar values. Would you be interested in merging?

We recently had a portion of our team disban and may have a few spots open for officers. We do have inactive members currently but will be doing a purge soon. We are lower levels, highest level is 84.

Thank you,


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