Load a team in Attack screen

I have a suggestion for the UI team to look at!

In events and wars, it can take AGES choosing the base I’m going to attack. I go back and forth through loads of menus, loading bases one by one, until I find a base that’s reasonably challenging (or high reward) but I still think you can take. Or I get fed up and pick one at random.

Same problem looking at my team’s bases to see who might need a bit of help - it’s impossible to quickly skim through fifty bases.

Meanwhile the attack menu has the behaviour I want - it loads up a bunch of bases at once (both random ones for matchmaking, and my bookmarks), and lets you quickly view each one.

So here’s what I’d like: add an Attack button from the Team Info screen that goes straight to the Attack menu. In the Attack screen, add a third tab (under Matchmaking and Bookmarks) that gets populated with the entire team I was just looking at. If there’s some performance reason why it couldn’t get loaded with an entire team, then just the page of 10 would be good enough (since on the other screen the players are listed in five pages of 10 players).


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