Loading files progress bar (green one) - show progress on file size remaining

Would it be possible to have the progress display by file size remaining instead of by number of files remaining? It’s been stalling often for me, especially with Atlas, and it’s hard to tell if it’s due to a large file being downloaded or froze. I do have a ticket open with support about it as well, but some movement would make it easier to tell if I should let it sit instead of force quit.

Capture _2017-11-08-18-41-29
Edit: Captured a random image for an example; it’d be better for multiple files, of course.


This was a major issue for me a few weeks ago. It’s still happening every few days randomly, mainly with atlas.

@PGJared @PGCrisis Could this idea be floated along (show by percentage of the total file size downloaded instead of number of files)? Anytime there’s an Atlas update, there are hundreds of files (158 this time) and no way to tell if it stalled or is just stuck on a large file.

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