Loading screen stuck at 99% "updating servers"

So my game closed about 30 mins ago and is not letting me get back in. I have tried everything from different networks to uninstall and reinstall. Any1 else?

I did had the update before the game crashed btw if any1 is curious.

Android device.

The search button is your friend

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A lot of people are having problems right now. Before the game locked a bunch of people out, people were opening gold chests, spending rubies, and feeding dragons only to have all of it erased.

The other guy who posted a similar error seems to be having trouble downloading the update itself from them app store. Since I already had the update and I’m on android, I figured the topic was fairly different and a new post is justified.

Well mine gets stuck on 73% and my alt on a separate device gets stuck at 84% so I’ll make a new thread for each…


Issue posted in this thread below is the same error. When opening the game it is stuck at 100 or 99%.

If you raise a ticket and post on the thread they will take a look.