Lobby to get my team in the next Atlas Roll out!

Since I can’t post in Atlas part of Forums, I thought I would create a post that allows myself and other teams that do not have Atlas a place to Lobby for their respective teams to be included in the next Atlas Roll out!!
I am the Leader of DlSTURB3D. We are currently in Platinum 2 league and currently ranked 500. We have achieved this with no level on our team above 240. We do have more than a few level 200’s and feel we as a team are ready for the Atlas expansion. If anything, it gives us the opportunity to learn Atlas as well as obtain certain items not readily available in regular game ( such as crafting gear, XP Bases, and extra egg tokens).
While I can’t speak for any other team than my own, I am hoping this newly created thread will provide a sounding board for those other teams who want to be part of the next Atlas Roll out.
I know some of you may argue, Fight wars to get up into Sapphire thus being auto included. To this i say, All teams in Platinum and bottom Sapphire are fighting to stay or get into that “Auto include” already. We win some wars and we lose some.
We are hoping that PG sees this post and knows that many Platinum teams are ready, willing , and wanting to be included and maybe take more teams then just the ones they are planning on adding in late March time frame.


Supporting your cause. Actually lets include all platinum. :metal:t4:


Let’s not include all of platinum


That’s not how it works… I’m sure the teams will be decided based on rank, so if you really want to be added in the next release the best way to do so is war your way up to Sapphire 3 or the top of Platinum 1.


I did answer your argument in original post. All teams are vying for that Sapphire 3 .
However, I know some already playing in Atlas are trying hard to make sure only a limited amount of teams get access, giving them more time to allow those that have Atlas to get further ahead using such arguments as still working on Atlas, lag , too many teams there already and so many other excuses.
Again, this is a sounding board and the correct place for our voices to be heard. Thanks for responding though with your opinion! Truly appreciated!

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I’m pretty sure PGdave said that on the next big update they will roll it out to everyone in plat.

Edit: nvm I just read his recent announcement

They’d be foolish to consider allowing players to “lobby” = “whoever spams us the most wins”. It’s your team’s ranking that matters.

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I understand your point. …Obviously they listened to player input/lobbying when it came to the Roll out of update 4.0 …Just saying :smile:
Thanks for your input and link though. Truly appreciated taking the time to state your opinion!!

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If u dont battle ur way to plat 1 or sapphire this season and get atlas, I will approximately have 1.5 year (or more) worth of timers advantage from u and more egg tokens ahead of you… and counting… I dont like to see atlas being a privilage.

You have to be stronger to have atlas? Well guess what, those who have atlas now will be more stronger than those who dont as we speak, so how will they(nonatlasteams) climb up “setting aside technicalities like hiring mercenaries or whatever tactic u can pull off”

Thats why I support your cause.

Or do what I did, I jumped to atlas team so I wont fall behind. :smiling_imp:


Thank you for your comment and support.
Since I am part of a team and leader, jumping to a team that already has it, isn’t the best option for me. It is not like we haven’t been fighting to get to Sapphire 3.
You are right that those teams/players in Atlas already have a huge edge, the disparity is growing greater and greater not just monthly or weekly, but DAILY.
I prefer they take rest of Sapphire and Half of Platinum League altogether.


Oh I jumped , when My team disbanded (and its not bec of me wantingnvto move to an atlas team) . Only had atlas close to 1 and half months now.

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Why not include all of the platinum leagues??


They’ll get steamrolled and hate atlas something fierce

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Versus getting steamrolled by even more teams one, two, six months from now? :thinking:


Only sapphire and the top of platinum are planned to get atlas… Idk where you’re coming from, but you can’t get steamrolled in something you don’t have

Pretty sure pg hinted that the next major Atlas update will include all of Platinum and higher, with a rumored roll-out end of March.

You weren’t replying as to why Atlas shouldn’t be rolled out to all of Platinum?

Because by delaying the roll out to the rest of Platinum, all they are doing is setting those teams, the rest of Platinum, for is to be steamrolled by even MORE teams that will have had Atlas for MUCH longer, when those teams finally do get Atlas…

In other words, your comment makes. No. Sense. Whatsoever.

Yea, that’s what you’re missing… the rest of platinum is NOT planned to get atlas, just plat 1

They’ve backtracked on that rollout, it will only include part of Platinum 1 25-50% iirc and all of Sapphire and up.

EDIT 50-75%

I’m aware of WHO is currently scheduled. Nevermind. I’m not arguing with a wall.