Locate parked troops at neutral zone


Could you please help my friend locate where her troop is? She placed it somewhere in neutral zone and now can’t remember where it is now
All she can check is from these photos

As you can see, the displayed name is very ambiguous


I had to search around and find the node last night.

As a friendly tip, bring 100 troops with you when you go to pick up. Even thought i knew exactly where i left them and the names matched, i needed to set that base as “home”, transfer a few troops, wait a few minutes before i was able to pick up the whole lot of my troops from that base. Not sure why, but it will not allow you to transfer troops from the garrison there to your primarch without those steps. :man_shrugging:


Yeah but it doesn’t show the name of where she left it last time :joy:


We’ll add the (x, y) coordinates to this page.


Thank you would love to find them :smile: that would make it a lot easier.


I’ve got 10k troops split between 3 safe zone islands that I can’t find either. Been lost for months now. And it doesn’t help when sage zones use the same island name 10 times across the map :sob:


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