Locating a Primarch

We have a player on the team whose dragon hasn’t been at our castle for quite some time. I click on the primarxh and it gives me a name of a castle and shows a bank and that is it.

I am trying to find where my teammates prime is located so is there a way to find it by just knowing the castle name?

My second question is related to his gold production. It is extremely low for this player and I am wondering if he is simply not making the run or if all his resources are going to this other bank/castle.

I started looking at this when I saw low gold production by players and noticed primed weren’t accounted for. I’m new to atlas but my thought is the primes should be at the castle except when actively searching for glory.

Does anyone have any insight here?

Ask him where the coordinates of his primarch is :slight_smile:
It’s a simple geography system these days with X and Y axis

Lower than usual gold means that his home probably isn’t set to one of your teams castles and off in neutral territory somewhere. Set it to one of your castles and he can experience the gold and XP buffs (but at the same time will also get your taxes for that castle too).

If you are just going off of the contributions page, those people are probably not doing their runs and thats why their contributions are so low.

Thanks Mech. I am going off the contributions page.

This helps a lot. I will get him back in the fold and yes we have tax set but our buffs are worth it.

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