Location kill island? - long base

Hey guys,

I was wondering if you always should place your kill island on the third island where the towerdragon is, even tho you got a long base?
I didnt really pay attention when i first started out playing this game, and expanded it too far…ugh.
im only lvl 55 so far and got two mage towers, one dark flac, one fire turret and a storm tower on my kill island atm. But i have put them on the island before the normal kill island…
Should i move my kill island?

Thanks, Fransy2103

Maybe post a pix of your base? For reference and clarity?

Had to take four… you see them? I only see text…

At your level, you’re going to want to scale back. Generally, you don’t go for a long set up until at least 300-350. Stop at the 3rd island

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Yeah i know that now- but didnt when i first started out. So now i have expanded to the island where the second perch is.
Whst to do about it? I cant just clear the islands of towers before the third and leave them empthy… then they will only gain rage?

As long as you don’t have a dragon on the perch or towers on the islands, you can leave them blank. An attacker will start where your first tower is. I would definitely fix it now, because the higher you, the more it screws your progression up.


Oh ok! I didnt know that!
Thank you so much

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And by the third island, do you mean the kill island or the longer island that comes before it? :sweat_smile:

The island with the seagazer perch :slight_smile:

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Ok got it! Thank you so much :blush:

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Looking at your base, if I may give you 2 more tips :

  • Warriors are the best on perches as it gives bonus hp so more time for your towers to kill dragons.
  • your 5 kill island towers should be at max for your level (21 at lvl 55 i think) and you shouldn’t upgrade anything else for a very long time.

Thank you, any tip is welcome! I will change my dragon as soon as i can.
My dark flak is at it highest atm, and i will work on upgrading the other towers on kill island when fortification starts!

Is there any more tips on what towers to put at the very start? In the back of my lumbermills and farms.

I m no expert but I can tell you which tower not to put imo:

  • ballista (totally useless)
  • other flaks unless you have tons of elemental ember (but in this case it might be good to replace your fire turret). You might want to start a different one but use fortification planner to make sure you have enough ember to keep your dark flak at max
  • lighting towers (you have to put 2 or 3 for them to be efficient)

I can’t remember where I found this on the forums but i like this summary :


Looking back I’d have built my kill on island six so I didn’t have to build a second perch when it was time to move to middle long. I missed the glut of black pearls and have less than I’d like now that I’m ready to move forward.


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