Location of battles in Atlas


It would be very helpfull to add the location of the battle in the banners from Atlas, so we know if it’s one of our castle that is being hit or someone chasing glory in NML. In battle, i mean either defense and attack banners in Atlas.

For now we have to wait that the attack is over and wait that it appears in the team battle ledger… it can be long sometime! Or go look in all of our castle… which is not very efficient considering the lag time to show the prims that are at the castle.

For me it looks like a small easy improvement to do with a lot of gain in for everyone.





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I’m not necessarily opposed to more information in the banners but wouldn’t you expect quite a few banners to pop up if your castle is under attack and not just one?

I mean its possible that a single attacker is trying to conquer your castle but highly unlikely. In most cases, a single atlas defense banner is likely a glory hit, and most likely NML.


I agree please add the castle name to the banners

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Or at least an indication when it’s a no mans land hit would be great


I know it’s kind of a pain but you can check the team battles in the ledger. Click the castle and it wall pan right to it


a single prim can actually bubble a castle if it kill enough troop and that is the risk for the castle later on. we had a guy bubble us 1 of our castles then try again another time, so we take his team’s castle for the revenge.


Agreed, This will help alot and should be added to QoL effort. It takes way too long for ledger to update sometimes.

If you park your prim on Aligane, you could get 5-10 banners immediately, looking like you are being attacked at a castle.

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Glory hits are now focused on level 4 castle sine PG made it easyer for biggest players of the game to have glory. Also, even if its a single player doing glory hit on a castle i think it will be faster and easyer to know where if the location were in the banner. If you see a nml attack, might not even bother to defend :zipper_mouth_face:. For me the main issue is the time it gets to see where the attack is.


Indeed, like I said i know you can do this, but by the time you see it in ledger, it means the attack is over… and like you said, its a pain!

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