Location of island taken

@PGDave would it be possible to include a link to or at least the coordinates of an island when it is wonn/lost in the mail we recieve? It would be nice to have a fast reference point of the most current action in Atlas

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Not a problem if you only have 1 island :hugs:

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You have a valid point there. :joy:

It can also be helpful when your teammates take an island…

It would be awesome to have ability to search by coordinates
Like if you’ll be able to put numbers in “x” and “y” to find location
I find that it’s a huge problem for ppl to find the island location,especially,if its new lands


Can u just go check in the guild island list?

Sounds like work… just tell me where to go and I’ll go. I don’t care what islands we gained or lost or to whom; I just want to know where I need to be.

Please come visit our islands :heart_eyes:

If you conquered something you can check your owned castles but if it was conquered from you it won’t be there anymore. So yeah coordinates plus coordinate input navigation would be nice

Will look into adding this into the mail. Good suggestion.


Lol on my way Panda!!! Oh wait. Sorry no can do you didn’t include coordinaties. Oh well I found a pretty mine instead.

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