Lockjaw and rage/rider

Just got Lockjaw. Now i need a rider for it.

For some reason i trained both Anja and Sofia as hunter and sorcerer riders, and skipped the warrior lines…

So im stuck with either Rosheen or Kevana.

Question is… do i need the extra rage i get from Rosheen on him?

Lockjaw does love rage, so that would be useful to have. I think Xandra might actually be the best possible rider for Lockjaw at this point, although we still need to see what the exact tree and skill points look like to confirm.


My guess is that Xandra will boost 8-10% Rage. I seriously doubt PG will let us configure her skill tree in a way that would do more than 10% rage boost.

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By the way - you do know that you can reset any Atlas riders and re-configure them for 10K diamonds?

I think that’s very unlikely. What would be the point of having 3 separate 8% rage boosts if you can’t pick them. The only question is how much of the other class bonus do you need to sacrifice to get the full 24% rage.

Of course I am totally guessing here - but my guess is that they will be at the end of 3 different branches of the skill tree. You can reach one of the 8% skill in it’s entirety on one branch, but hey, if it turns out it is possible to configure Xandra to 24% rage boost - I certainly won’t be complaining.

There are four class specific branches, each with 3 boosts. It seems unlikely three classes would get rage and one won’t. But we’ll know for sure soon enough.

Ya. We will know soon enough, but I am thinking the Warrior, Sorcerer, and Hunter branches have the 8% rage boost at the end, and the Invoker branch does not.

She might be configured similar to Kasima. You had 5 classes of Flak boosts, but could only finish 2 class of boost in their entirety, so maybe 16% rage boost?

You are GPF, maybe you know something (that you can’t yet spill) that I am only guessing at, at the moment. :wink:

Xandra for sure (ofc need to see the branch itself, now looks like she has 24% rage generation), but i would fly with Hugo until i take her.

EDIT: Change my assumption about 24, at max level i guess you will have 16% extra rage generation.

24% rage :heart_eyes: My Naja waits for her :joy:

Sorry about my hype, but i don’t think they will give 14% more now after my excitement passed :sweat_smile:. She could have 24 but i assume that there will be 16 maximum.

i think Xandra ll have 5 branches for Hunter, Sorcerer, Warrior, Invoker and Rage and we could max out 2 of them like we did for Sophia Anja and Kasima else than generic AP and HP boosts so if my prediction is correct u could get 23 hp 14 atk and 24 rage for warrior or any other any other class it ll be like

     heal time             hunter atk-------hunter atk---hunter hp----rage(x3)  

atk—xp -----------hp---- sorcerer hp-----sorcere hp–sorcerer atk–rage(x3
training warrior hp-------warrior hp–warrior atk----rage(x3
invoker hp-------invoker hp–invoker atk—rage(x3

as general setup

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:joy: all good mate. 16% is still good for me. Now HouZ awaits :crazy_face::joy:

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My prediction of the skill tree (I can’t draw well sorry)



Seems pretty logical :ok_hand:t2:

I just highly doubt they would take a huge jump from max dragon of 10% rage to suddenly 24% rage possible with one rider. It is probable though.


You’re expecting logic which has no place in this game

I wouldnt be surprised if there is rage at the end of Hunter, Warrior and Sorcerer and not for invoker

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why not??u get 1 full hunter or warrior boost and sorcerer boost + rage for sophia and anja so if u replace sorcerer boost with 16% rage u d still get 1 dragon type boost + rage boost and my predicted skill tree is after 4%hp there ll 4 branches for each type of dragon and all 4 boosts ll be connected to 3 rage boosts so whether u can choose 2 dragon type boost or 1 dragon type+rage boost since the skill tree that was revealed seperated dragon type boosts and rage at the end…


This one skill is after the hunter and warriors but before the invoker, sorcerer, and rage. Since it is a different cost, this tells me it will be on its own.

So the possibles are:
3 lines with 1 line of invoker, 1 line of sorcerer, and 1 line of rage.
– Only enough skill points to get the rage and part of the first invoker/sorcerer line effectively making it unusable for an invoker/sorcerer
– Can get a small amount of rage if you do an invoker/sorcerer line.
2 lines with 1 line of invoker and 1 line of sorcerer, then rage at the end of those lines. Whether it be 3 singles or 1 on each then 1 like I put.
– Can get either hunter or warrior AND either invoker/sorcerer with a bit extra rage

If I was in the design, no way would I jump the rage gain from 10% to 24%. That is more than double and something that then suddenly the next rider that has 14% looks like immediate trash. That is just my personal preference though. They’ve done things like that before that completely messes with the game balance so…:woman_shrugging:

Edit: I will also note this is just a prediction based on the fact that they usually tell us in the relative order it is in the skill tree. All we can do is speculate until it is released next week. I have been proven wrong in the structure before.

well u might be right we ll see at tuesday anyway but i still think we can get 24% rage+1 dragon type boost after i read skill tree again branches might be like that too…warrior and hunter branches r attached to hp…rage, invoker and sorcerer branches r attached to totem debuff and totem debuff is attached to hp so after hp u can choose warrior or hunter or go with totem debuff and u can choose rage+sorcerer or invoker and each of 5 branches r 75 points and we got 190 with anja and sophia so rage+dragon type+hp+training+atk roughly makes 190 points