LockJaw Needs A Buff

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Anyways, I bring up this tread because LockJaw is struggling on end game(Max Out) bases. I been asking around and the owners of LockJaw say the same thing when ever I bring up, “ How does LockJaw handle on max out bases?”

They all say his breath damage out put is to weak(Without any spells being use/ Towers not debuff either) and his “The Crusher” doesn’t last long enough.other then that… He’s solid, just the current two problems I brought up.

They been telling me suggestions to make him more reliable by…

1- Increase “The Crusher” duration from 3 seconds to 5 seconds and add a 1-2 second cooldown on it.

2- Or make “The Crusher” a toggle spell that slowly drain rage overtime, like GiG “Evil Eye”

3- As well as, buff his breath Dps a little bit.

What everyone think?

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Do you actually have the dragon or are you just going off what other people say?

Do you want merge it with GiG also ? . Sorry i dont want to offencive but you push your luck :wink:


I don’t have him, I been asking around and I see it with my own eyes. My teammate gots him max out, I’ll followed him on multiple runs, at first I thought he was just saying that to say that but boy was I wrong.

He truly does struggle with his breath Dps out put.

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He has the highest damage output the warrior has with 350% buff damage.

Are you sure with that he still lack the damage?

No, you’re perfectly fine :hugs:

No, don’t make him like GIG, just giving a example on making his “The Crusher” spell into a toggle slow rage drain spell.

Yes, I agree but he’s a heavily rage dependent warrior. All his spells cost rage, by increasing his spell duration by a few seconds or making it a toggle on & off spell will help a ton.

Honestly, they don’t have to increase his breath Dps, if they buff his “The Crusher” spell then a lot of LockJaw owners( And future owners)will be happy.


It is design agains 105’s also has strong skill set. It is prety stron with well gear / rider and rune.
Also we watch videos and its looks prety fine to me … Both dragon fine and balanced this season


I agree both Mythic’s are balanced, spell wise and skilled required to fly them. I’m just saying, to buff LockJaw a bit to make him more reliable especially on defended bases.

On “The Grind” channel, even he says that top players said he struggles on max out bases.

At 4:42 he saids this, Im not making this up.

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By the way, nice runes :sunglasses::ok_hand:

He doesn’t offer a ton of options for skill differentiation. :man_shrugging: If you make him able to defeat maxed bases, you give that ability to bad flyers as well as good, and you give no one else in the game a prayer.


If their bad at flying, then they’ll always die.
Believe it or not, theirs a learning curve for LockJaw, not just going in gun blazing on a max bases without thinking.

I’m not saying to buff his damage output when using “The Crushes”, just making the duration last a little longer. That’s it :man_shrugging:t2:

GIG is a example of a no skill required warrior…

Like literally…

All his spells were 0 rage cost except for his “Evil Eye” toggle spell, other then that he was a literal “Tank”. Especially with him having elemental resist and on top of that…

All his spells in some way or form decrease incoming damage…

LockJaw isn’t GIG if you like it or not :man_shrugging:t2: He isn’t a simple warrior to fly then you think, you need to know what buildings and spells to use at any giving time to fly him effectively.

This dragon isn’t going to reward anyone if flown recklessly/incorrectly, trust me.

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Not the highest. That’ll be Danav at the moment

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Danav is only 300% buff

My bad . You’re right.

does not need a buff your teammate may have crap gear or runes

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He doesn’t.

:roll_eyes: Wonder if you realized that Iron Wind increases it even further as well.

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i defended one on my base im end game towers he did fine not 100% but cant expect always getting 100% defended

He knows.