Lockjaw's Overhaul spell...failure to launch

I’ve only been flying Lockjaw for a few days, but I’ve had this happen twice. I launch his healing protective shield in anticipation of needing the Overhaul shield, then when I hit the Overhaul spell, the word overhaul appears above his exposed dragon body, with no beautiful chain running shield to be seen. The word does not work nearly as well as the actual shield does.

The first time, it was on a real base, and I assumed I got nailed by an ice flak. The second time it was on my atlas base, so I’m pretty sure it was just a spell fail. There was loads of available rage.

Is anyone else having this happen?

Did it get hits by cannon?

Maybe post a video so we can see the issue.

I may have, but the cannons on my current base are too low level to break the spell.

The ss will break the shield it could be a lv 1 and still have the ability to break both of lockjaw shields


I’m going to start videoing. I don’t normally record, because I’m lazy and low on device memory.

I videoed the atlas invader and discovered you are right. I didn’t realize the atlas base would supershot on it it’s own…go figure! I have the video, but the forum said the format wasn’t allowed :frowning:

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Check the other Lj Buff threat. Since about 1 week his spells are also glitching. Like frozen towers can hit you.

So, this is my LockJaw on my atlas invader base. No super shots or anything. His overhaul spell is broken on the second group of towers, but no others. Is this a normal event?

Thanks for looking!

There’s literally 2 ss from cannon tower at 0:23 and 0:27 of the vid that break the the two shield
It’s no glitch


Is there a way to tell? I thought ss came from defenders placing?

Seriously :flushed:, please watch your vid and see there’s an automatic ss from the cannon on the right of island 7

Thank you for your answers. They are very appreciated.

You almost had me worry when this topic come up lol. I will be getting him later so I’m freaking nervous if none of his spell work

The one ss wasnt a cannon and broke his shield people should watch it again before say things :man_shrugging:

Which one? I blatantly see it being broken by 2 cannon supershots. Front right tower on island 7

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Here please open one eye to look, preferably 2

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