Log in screen not recognizing touch

Cannot log in or out!
It’s like it just doesn’t recognize I’m touching screen…It’s not the device, new device and EVERYTHING else works perfect on every other app.
I’ve exited out 10x, redownloaded game twice and still the same.
In game and everywhere else in game is fine just log in screen.
Was trying to add an Alt fast but of course glitches in game make everything 10x harder.

Any idea how I can log into another account a different way?

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quickly declares on your team


I know right :joy: that’s what I’m so frustrated about…Still doesn’t work and I’ve tried atleast 25 times

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maybe try a different keyboard app.

Somethings fishy

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Also, you don’t have a case or screen protector on this device do you?

I know when I put a case on my pixel, I would get “phantom” presses at random points on the screen.

Just a thought to try

No i don’t. @FLAKnIceHole
I don’t like screen protectors either with the thicker ones They are not very sensitive and sometimes will miss a light touch.

It really is odd because everything else in game is fine, reads every touch perfect.
And so does every other app. It’s only the login screen so I can’t log out to bring an Alt in.

Have deleted and downloaded a few times, exited out of game all the way abunch nothing works even deleting game and restarting device even though it has nothing to do with device.
35 minutes later and still nothing.
It will bring up screen I just can’t click on box to put a different user name in.

bummer, I guess I’m flummoxed too.

Going to try different keyboard didn’t think of that

None of the three buttons activate?

logout, facebook login, google play login (assuming android) all mine work - just accidentally “tested” them for ya.


You don’t have any “security” software on the device do you?

I’m on IOS

Tried alternate keyboard but it doesn’t even bring up the main keyboard.
As soon as I go to that screen it’s almost like it freezes every time because I can’t even hit the X to exit out and re-enter game.
I have to completely exit out of game then come
Back in.

Guess hopefully it’ fixes sooner or later not really much else to do.
Cannot log out or log in to another account (Alternate account) have tried about everything

Nothing that I installed myself whAtever security is on IPhone X (probably not very secure :joy:)

First time hearing that kind of issue.

Have you tried to restart your device and wait for a few minutes?

Also, try this

Yeah ive tried restarting a few times, even, deleting game then restarting and waiting.

@FLAKnIceHole and no none of the buttons work on that log in/out screen not even the X to exit out and return back into game.
I have to seriously exit out of entire game by double clicking home button to get out of it.

Is it fixed yet?

Nope! Still doesn’t work. @Sam
Thankfully was logged into main account :grimacing:

That is weird. :flushed:

Also, in case you don’t do this already … have your alts setup in your applicants pool so they can be accepted as soon as you got an opening. :tulip:

Pity you can’t borrow the phone of a significant other to log into your alt accounts since your main device is giving you such grief :sweat_smile:

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Is that your way of asking if he’s single? :smirk:

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Hahaha, that wasn’t my intent :laughing:

I hope they get it fixed for you soon. Any response on your ticket?

I assume you’ve done a force restart?

Press and quickly release the Volume Up button. Then press and quickly release the Volume Down button. Then press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo.

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