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Is anyone else experiencing the issue of having to login everytime to the forums? No matter if I click the gear then forms or click more settings then forums, I’m required to enter my email and password each time.


Yes, it’s super irritating.


Seems to be a recurring burr in the bottom.


Yes. It’s infuriating.

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Yes, its very annoying

Anymore adjectives? :thinking::joy::joy:

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Yup - accessing the forums in game is a biotch now… so I don’t. Have no issues with signing in each time on a PC though.

Isn’t that a noun? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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In this context.

I also use it as a verb. It’s handy.

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Same here


I have been getting in through the mail system :joy:. They have forum links in some of their announcements, and those will get you in without having to log in.


Yes, it has been an alternating issue with release of each version after v4.15. One verison release the problem goes away, subsequent version it’s back again. A Royal PITA. What is really sad? PG doesn’t seem to have a clue or real solution as to why, at least not for the iOS. But what else is new, in this game only thing uncertain is whether it will ever work right.

YEs i have to log in every time.

Yea! I couldn’t remember my password! Took me all day trying a bunch of passwords I have used everywhere. I’m in! :tada::tada::tada:

And now you know your password in case you have to re-log into your account :laughing: the forum password is the same one that’s tied to your Pocket ID

I could not remember it. Took me trying all different passwords I use and I finally found it! Whew!

Yep, super annoying

They just wanted to ensure they didnt miss the opportunity to piss everyone off, just incase they missed anyone with the recent update. :hugs::hugs:

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Save ur password in the phone settings and use ur browser in the meantime…much simpler