🐉LokiBstrds - LFM 🐉

Hey :hugs:
are you thinking about a team change :eyes:?
we’re great now, but we’d be even greater with you :star_struck:

many of us come from the diamond league :muscle:
So we have a lot of experience and good knowledge :nerd_face::sunglasses:

brief information about us:

  • we have line app amenities for all members
  • we don’t bother too much with defence :yawning_face: we are a offensive team :smiling_imp::muscle: if we lose a castle, we conquer a new one :smiling_imp:
  • we only have minimal no-hits in Atlas :sunglasses:
  • we have 13 castles in every element and get 1,130 eggtokens
  • Now in platinum and growing!
  • we do a lot of raids :smiling_imp:
  • and last but not least…we are super nice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::relaxed:

Of course, everyone has to make their contribution here too … that means:

  • 8/8
  • 5/5 Quest
  • do your war flights
  • and last but not least, have fun in atlas :smiling_imp:

think about it :wink:

Min lvl 500

:smiling_imp: LokiBstrds :smiling_imp:


Apologies for off topic posting on your recruitment thread. But it’s a bit sad that ‘only’ 63 no hits is considered a selling point.

Good luck with your recruiting.


63/1715 is only 0.03% :sunglasses:

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Yes that’s what I was trying to say :blush:
over 90% of atlas is fair game.
Yet we are not pirates. We have a 5ta as well as an alliance of good teams as we came from d1 to rebuild our own. And have taken it from silver 2-p4 in just a month. :facepunch:

Here are our monthly scores in atlas since we took over

LokiBstrds Ally
Platinum 4 27/50
Troops: 8,659,089
Castles: 11
Atlas Rank: 332
Power Rank: 723
Monthly Kills: 21.04m - Rank: 192
Total Kills: 336.07m - Rank: 333

We believe that this team has a good chance if we can get the players to fill the slots :beers: :facepunch:

Thanks for the input flumpie :blush: Do You think that is too many no hits? Just being curious is all because most teams I have been on wth the exception of my pirate days :pirate_flag: have many many more than that.

That’s about 3.6%, not 0.03%

63 no hits isn’t a lot at all. Most teams I know have hundreds of no hits

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Yeah, I didn’t think it was a lot :woman_shrugging:
We never have trouble finding targets in atlas, that’s for sure.

I forgot to *(100) shhhh :rofl:

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