Lonefamily Gold 2 - needs active recruits ASAP - have Atlas


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Laid back fun team that is more like family! We need active players who understand the concept of family and team, teamwork makes the dream work! Our goal is to keep moving up to platinum and beyond and that takes a strong team that communicates and works together. 5 flames in wars is a must not an option, participation in wars is a must not an option. We fully understand that life comes first so if you will miss a war you need to tell officer. If you fail to do so the first time you get a warning, the second time,we’ll there won’t be one. I know that sounds strict but being to lieniant in the past has bit us in the butt. As long as we communicate all is good. I’m the mama bear/ dirty 12 yr old boy as I always have something funny to say and will do anything for my teammates! We are a family so you will always have a voice . So if you’re looking for a place to call home where burning people’s stuff up is rewarded and we’re your family members build you up no matter what then come on! We do ask that you participate in atlas and other events but if not familiar with atlas we will help.

Email me in game at @BitByTheReaper
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Looking for More (Recruiting)
LFM – Gold 2 –Lonefamily ` – min lvl accepted depends on activity

Looking for Team (Applying)
LFT – 141- BitByTheReaper


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About: Most members are 18+ so prefer adults who are not easily offended as we joke. Lvl ranges from 40’s to 200’s all welcome


Still looking for members. Level ranges from 30s-390. No troop minimums or medal requirements, just war participation or communication about misding wars. Come join the family! :blush:


How full is your house? I got 45 players looking for an atlas team to move to


Definitely don’t have room for 45. Including alts we may have room for 6

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