Long ago a mistake was made

So a long time ago I made the mistake of account sharing with someone I thought I could trust and was banned (2017) and I wanted to get back into the game legitimately no sharing or anything but I installed the game again and it keeps logging me into the old banned account and I can’t log out. Is there anyway for me to delete the old save file? I haven’t played since my ban it wasn’t supposed to be permanent it was a 4 year ban (which should be past) but now I guess it’s permanent (?) I don’t know if I can’t play a new account that’s ok if I can I’d appreciate it if someone could help me out. Thanks.

Read Tos you wont get account back. Its gone forever.

You can contact pg and ask them to have account back. If not press settings and account then log out and back in.

I did read tos and I don’t want the account back. Like I said when I was banned it wasn’t a permanent ban it was like 4 years I was banned until 2021 but I don’t remember when so I figured maybe I’ll download the game again sign in and see how long the ban has and now I can’t even change accounts. Seeing the account is now a permanent ban I figured at least I can maybe use the level 78 alt (this account) that I had at the time instead and can’t

2021 means its banned till 2021 not earlier. Be thankful its not permanent ban.

I tried that they told me to log into the account and sign out which obviously doesn’t work. I don’t even want the account back it was banned for a reason and I’m not gonna go above and beyond to change their minds to revert back to my original like 4 year ban

It’s now permanent, which I don’t understand which is why I’m trying to figure out how to just sign out of it and delete the data. So I can just use an alt or make an entirely new account

Seems like a fairly unique situation. Maybe try sending a pm to @PGGalileo with your ticket number, and see if he can help you out with getting your device sorted to play on a new account.

if IOS, you will need to do a factory reset of your device to wipe saved game data - that is the only way.

If Android, there is a folder called pocketgems and two sub-folders in there - delete the file in each sub-folder and when you log in it will be a clean start.

Have fun.


Would this be in my files and would I need the original email? Cause I don’t see that in my files :thinking:

If I have issues with my game states (for instance a buggy Alliance chat, again…), would deleting these files help my account or would this create a crapload of issues? :thinking: I have my pocket id info always, obviously.

Well, „four years“ and „permanently FOR EVER“ is quite the same. :grin:

Pssst… 4 years would make it 2021, not 2020.

Still don’t understand why a 4 year ban is now a permanent ban though. Also just noticed that I was dumb on the math not exactly my forte

on android go to settings, apps, war dragons, clear game data and clear cache then restart the device usually clears out login info. or what Raziel said.

Really surprised there’s not a way on iOS.

Apple doesn’t want us to hurt ourselves. :sunglasses:

Are you from the future? :flushed: In all seriousness though, good luck getting back in, maybe try using a new email too and start over.

he cant unless he deletes it completely in settings

Oh lord who let you back in!?

was a day jerad has to permi lol

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