Long kill island base development

Here is my plan:

Blue, Red, Earth flak, Dark flak, and Ice Flak

Howie, Red, Cosmic, Pylon?, Ice turret?

Max front section first, then back section.

Would love to get some tips. Current lvl is 208, defense power 140m, no gears yet

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No need for EF or IT.


looking good, work on orery if u have rss

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That’s an interesting way to use a Long Island.

Plan looks good but ice turrets aren’t particularly useful. I’d honestly just go with a second ice flak if u have the rss for it (back island would go howie, orrery, ice in the mid 3 spots, pylon back right and then red in back left because that position covers the whole island). Back Earth flak also triggers a bit slow so I’d move that to the front with the dark and blue. Red could go right behind. Over time you may want to make that Earth an orrery as well.

This actually looks a lot like my old base from 300-500 so I thought I’d give you a heads-up on a few things. You’re going to level pretty fast which may seem like a good thing but can be pretty bad. More towers = Less levels per tower and people generally advise you to “build up instead of out”. With that being said, this long island base really shines when defended and will definitely be worth it as you get bigger. Your main challenge is going to be keeping up with breed and managing resources.

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I am planning on replacing earth flak for cosmic soon, but I don’t have rss for cosmic yet.

Front Goal

Back Goal
Pylon, Howie, Cosmic, RM, and I’m not sure what 5th will be

I’m thinking of using Storm in place of Cosmic before I have enough RSS

I will be maxing front 5 towers first

I have Ice Turret there because I’m still saving up elements to add maybe another ice flak or fire flak to replace it.

I also have a lot of ice and fire shards to use for fort points haha and ice turret mythic rune

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Trying to this season. I didn’t start playing until end of last fort which is like 2 or 3 event ago.

Cosmic is a goal this season

I arranged it like this for now, hopefully it’s what you are suggesting.

Next fort, I am aiming for this…

BM, RM, DF, IF, Cosmic ( if I have enough rss, if not it will be EF until I do )

Pylon, Howie, IF ( if I have RSS for Cosmic, if not I will keep Ice Turret for now ), Storm or Cosmic, and RM

What do you think?

Front 5 will always be max first

I’ve run a mid long island since I was level 120 or so. I would level the front 5 to max every time I unlocked new tower levels. The ice flak was new back then and that was my 6th tower due to range and effect of the super shot. Ice turret is underrated in my opinion. Mine definitely surprises folks. Also if supershotted it adds confusion since between that and orrey everything looks like it has a shield. The front 5 I used a dark flak instead of ice flak until recently. The dark flak was up front due to range. Overall the 5 tower with a partially leveled 6th was stronger than a short island.

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This looks good though I might swap the BM and EF so that both your flaks don’t get taken out with a single one shot.

Why did you switch DF for FF ?

He didn’t switch his DF for FF.

I had a dark and a fire flak before. I swapped the dark for an ice and kept the fire flak because the damage isn’t that different, the fire has longer range, the fire has death damage, and I like the longer half dragon damage vs the stun. Hunters that get stunned still regen ammo and do the same amount of damage over a couple seconds. Hunters that do half damage use ammo while debuffed thereby decreasing overall damage output.

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1st long island

=Advantage -Counter sniping, competitive is pvp
like cc ,gauntlet.

=Cons-Gives free % before kill island because u will
be leaving some farm/working tower meaning
bad for war or defending in atlas.

2nd long island

=Advantage -doesnt give free % as your farm or
working towers will be behind ,enemy quitting
early will give better glory than u are getting from

=cons-Faster 70%, even if ur kill island is 40% it will
be faster 70% clear than in 1st long island.

3rd long island

—its for whales—

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Thank you Rooster!

Very insightful, thank you!