Long Kill Island - Planning & Prep

As the title suggests, I’m looking into what it would take to eventually set up a long kill island. During this upcoming fort event, I will have upgraded my second perch (currently under construction) from level 30 to 45 (garnet). On my first perch, I have Kisama as the rider, buffing dark and fire flaks. I have Crom maxed out and ready to be put on a perch as well.

With that out of the way, what steps should I take to prepare for a long kill island? My towers are capped at level 60, and will be at least until the next fort event. Are there any towers I should transform/replace?

Finally, what level can I expect to be ready for a long kill island?

Any input is appreciated.

Edit: might have underestimated the cost of all these flaks. Guess I’ll be saving up embers

When your 5 tower kill islands are level capped

56k for 7 flaks is plenty?
Now I’m worried


This is LiquidBunny Aka my ,alt . She has 84k ember and already panic for future …
Dont think 56k ember will save your life focus less flak thats what i can say :pray:

Hopefully you’re a spender because those flaks are going to get expensive :scream:

Lesson nr 1 : you never will have enough embers

Lesson nr 2 : always remember lesson nr 1


Put one hoghowitz tower at the back.

OR and just hear me out, you could completely ignore the howitzer and keep on trucking.

If you had 3 islands full of max level towers along with enough of the right kind of flaks, than maybe just maybe spending even more cash would be worth it.


I have 180k embers and i still hesitating on getting a third flak. Unless you’re a spender 50k gonna be gone in no time

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50K is nothing. A tiny drop in the bucket.

I know that’s why im hesitate

Holy shit, okay, I definitely underestimated the ember cost. Guess I haven’t paid that close of attention

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I switched to mid-long some time after I was required to maintain 8 towers maxed for level to keep upgrading. Not really sure it’s worth doing before that, and the level at which you reach that point depends on how over leveled you are/
how optimized your base is, but ultimately it’a a game and you should do what’s fun for you. While there’s still time :rofl:


…i have 600k ember, but i still panic about the ember costs… :man_facepalming:t2:


That’s about equivalent to saying “buy boardwalk”


I think everyone is exaggerating the ember situation just a little bit.
I now have 6 flak towers capped by my builder at level 60. After upgrading and then collecting rewards, I have 87k embers.
Sure, thats not nearly enough, if I was planning on leveling them all to 100 in a day.
But I’m not. I’ll be getting embers much faster than I’ll be spending them for a very long time. So y’all can just chill.

I have yet to get a single harbinger egg to upgrade my builder. Once I eventually get 12 harb eggs to level it 3 times, it will raise my tower level cap to 65.

Upgrading all 6 flaks from 60 to 65 costs less embers than I already have. And I’m certain I’ll get plenty more in the meantime.

So thanks for the irrelevant input at all, but it’s really not an issue.
If anyone has feedback on the actual topic of this post, please feel free to share.

I guess you’ll learn the hard way.


He will, but just to show him here are the coasts for his 6 Flaks level 60 to current max of 100 :roll_eyes:



he said

so maybe he’ll start becoming p2w. who knows. :man_facepalming:t2: :man_shrugging:t2: :rofl:

My first piece of advice, max islands 1-3 first and wait a while before going to Long Island. Things to consider for base building-
1/ Strongest bases have strong gear/ relevant rider and dragon on the perch, runes/ glyphs and tower specific research as maxed out as possible ( most important factors). Long Island requires 10 runes/ glyph slots and that you build another perch.
2/ While embers and pearls are expensive as wise people have pointed out above, it’s the timers that are the real issue… one never has enough of them.
3/ What type of player do you want to be? If playing in higher leagues, you need to consider a base that slows attackers down if sniping in atlas or competing in pvp’s requiring speed. In this case making the attacker fly as far through your base as possible is important and going to Long Island May make your bass quicker to run through.