Long term glitches that never get fixed


When I first started playing WD over 3 years ago, I would often encounter a glitch where my phone would buzz that it had received an invite but I never got the drop down banner that allowed me to join. Either that or the higher level player who was helping me never received a chance to join my attack, which left me as so much dead meat. When I submitted a ticket, I was told that my issue was being “forwarded to the development team”. I asked when i might expect resolution and was told “be patient”.

I have been patient for the last three years and the glitch that is preventing effective team play still exists. The only difference is that now, I am the higher level player and my lower level teammates are being hung out to dry. This glitch goes well beyond inconvenient. It frequently occurs when my teammate are trying to get extra points by asking for my help during a Wildfire or Mega attack. They are thoroughly discouraged because the get almost nothing because I wasn’t able to help. This costs both my teammates and the team points because the attack gained almost nothing and my teammate is out resources (either 50 flames or Energy Packs and Inner Fires).

When I submitted yet another ticket to Customer (non-)Support, I first got the irritating canned reply to restart my phone, clear the cache, etc. etc etc. When I pointed out that this has been a recurring problem for over 3 years and other teammate also experience this problem, I got an apology for the canned response and then the next Customer (non-)Support reply that the “issue is being forwarded to the development team”. I had asked when I might expect some sort of resolution to this LONG standing glitch. Customer (non-)Support ignored my question for seven different responses until I forced the issue and asked just that one question. Not surprisingly, the reply said “we don’t have an exact timeframe on when this would be fully resolved. Once we have an update, we will continue to inform everyone”. Not having an exact timeframe isn’t surprising since the development team (if they ever see these issues) hasn’t addressed the issue for over 3 yrs. I would be shocked if “We will continue to inform everyone” every happened because I have yet to see where PG has “informed everyone” for anything short of major problems that either totally crash Atlas or an event (like the Kingdom Wars revision last summer).

I also pointed out that my teammates had all lost significant resources, but as we all know, Customer (non-)Support is powerless to provide any sort of compensation except following major problems and even then the compensation falls well short of what everyone lost.

Are any of these issues with gameplay ever going to be addressed? How about Customer (non-)Support, will they ever be empowered or educated enough to address issues beyond pre-scripted or pre-written responses?


The probable best thing you can do is send your ticket number to Galileo.


They are testing a “support bot”. Not sure how that will work, but they are trying something.

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I do remember hearing that a lot of PG employees are right out of school so i would think they aren’t as flexible since they may just be understanding how a game’s community will react with certain issues or responses. But they are trying something so that’s a step…

Plus if someone says something they may me a it in a professional way (it is their job) and you can’t read tone through text so it’s best to think about how they can’t really go to the game’s code and chnage something in any moment, everything takes time.

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I can understand that fixing code takes time. I was a programmer at one point before I retired, so I know how challenging it can be to debug someone else’s code. But three years for a glitch that impedes team play when teams are supposed to be one of the features that differentiates WD from other dragon games is far too long. This bug not only harms the ability of individuals to reach the next level of points where they can get critical resources, but it also harms team event point standings, which impacts weekly rankings. The only hope a tam can have is that all the rest of the teams in the league are being harmed at least somewhat equally. But given the exodus of players at all levels, I find that a bit hard to believe.

As for Customer Support and a “support bot”. My impression of Customer Support is that PG essentially has a human support bot already. The only seem to be able to spit out help for newbies, the instructions to restart, etc. your device and that they are forwarding the issue to the development team, where none of the issues that I report ever seem to be addressed.

I agree with you to fix this, coz I too experienced the same problem like you and got the same message, that is

I may not continue this game, if this problem still be!

But I Love this game than other popular games.

Hope " POCKET GEMS " understand the problem of the players and introduce a new update of the game.!!!

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