Lookin for Glory swap

Looking for someone to glory swap I am lvl 306 with attack power 2000

Try sending a pm to @Sam


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what :interrobang:

Is that a lot? :thinking:

An attack power of 2,000 (or 2k) is incredibly low (if you are referring to dragons in your roster). I had to scroll all the way down to dragons in blue tier to find any that were under 2k attack power… I’m seriously hoping this is a typo, given that the OP is lvl 306.

Unless they were talking about attack power for their primarch? In which case, an attack power of 2,000 for a lvl 306 player seems incredibly high. I’m not even sure if an attack power of 2k is even possible with a lvl 25 silver 2 star sieger.

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Chance that it’s prims combat power (one used as standard for beast hunting) as well


That is the most likely explanation, and the one that doesn’t seem the most troubling :joy:


I am level 204 with bronze level 6 trapper and a bronze level 6 destroyer 5000 to 15000 troops

Even with castle AND seasonal buff it barely goes past 1000

Level 206 looking for glory partner

Hi - do you still have an in game glory swap chat group? Looking to join one? :hugs:

Yes. Send me an in game mail :+1:t3: