Looking for 15 active players

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About:Hello fellow dragon riders!!!
Would you be interested in joining us? Hostile Intent !! We are looking for 15 active players so we can all get back up to platinum 1 (or sapphire) We always have people on to do exp runs and help out! We war often and might I say we do pretty great in events! We are just looking for people who want a family with the end goal of moving up in the ranks as well as having fun. There are many friendly faces here and we would love to have yours! Our level requirement says 65+ but anyone higher is welcome to join! Also all wars and events are mandatory so please make sure participate in them please and thank you…
Thanks for taking the time to read!!

Please add me after this event thank you

After event just apply and we will except you. It is on auto except right now. Can’t wait to have you come over.

Thanks Glen

HostileIntent is the name of the team!!!

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