**Looking for 15 members**


LFM – Gold 1 – SummonedSkulls – any level

Hi, I’m looking for 15 active members who can join my team - SummonedSkulls. We’re in Gold 1 right now and we’re going to stay here for a couple of months at least, in order to let our low level players learn the right strategies to grow easily.
War participation is mandatory, while participation to building & breeding event isn’t.
Any level player is accepted as long as they’re active. We don’t require a weekly amount of medals or an elite account.
We also have a Line group where we share strategies and news, but important info regarding events or new season’s dragons are also sent to everyone through the team’s mail.
If you’re part of a merged team or you’re simply looking for a non-Atlas team to join, we may be what you’re looking for :hugs:
If interested, message me @Americanlondon


Hello There
I see you’re looking for 15 members, would you consider a merger into a Platinum team, we have Atlas which you could all use to excel in offense or defense. No need to participate fully in Atlas but it is highly beneficial even if it’s not used to its max capabilities


Sorry for my late response, I was on holiday and couldn’t have access to my data.
We’d like to stay in Gold I for now, only a few of us know how Atlas works, since we weren’t in Platinum during the last rollout. We’d like to start it during the next rollout :blush:
Thanks for your offer though!


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