Looking for 5 new teammates Asap we have atlas

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LFM – GOLD1BrightSparkz –150+

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Time Zone: Any we have teammates from all over
Played time:
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: helps but not required
Dragon Roster Includes: appropriate for level or above
Highest Lineage Dragon: appropriate for level or above

About: we are BrightSparkz. This was a team that disbanded and we took over to gain Atlas due to pg new rules on rollout with all the changes we have some teammates that have decided atlas was not for them and are moving back to sisterteam we are currently looking for active players that can hold their own plus help others wars and events are mandatory we are a bunch of hilarious but competitive players that act more like a family if you feel your the person for us please apply or contact me ign Blacfairy. HappyFlying hope to see you soon

Can confirm: They seem like good folks, and they put up a heck of a fight! :smiley:

…that said, you might want to update the requirements for roster/lineage dragon if you’re looking for players of a certain toughness. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ty very much took your suggestion :joy::joy:

Still needing teammates

Still in need

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