Looking for 7 recruits

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Looking for More (Recruiting)
LFM – our league is angry golden wyrvens or second to last tier before moving up to platinum– yourTeamExcessive Force – lvlRequirement25 n up. We are all adults so we have jobs and family’s but we have 7 empty spots because we kicked out the loafers. All of us are like family if you ask for 600k wood it would be in your storage within the hour. When it comes to competition we are very competitive we usually rank in top 10 lowest the highest was rank 16 in capture flag because we were missing 7 people and 2 more were on vacation. If interested we are a open Guild once again Excessive Force our leader is great and so are officers anything you need just ask. I have had offers to move up to platinum and higher tier gold and I turn them down. This is 3rd guild I’ve been in an none have made me feel like I just started they treated me like I had been their since they started. Thanks sorry so long never filled out 1 of these hope to see a few people soon.

Looking for Team (Applying)
LFT – yourLevel yourNameyourLeague to requestedLeague

Age Range: 22-40
Elite Account?:yes
Dragon Roster Includes:
Highest Lineage Dragon:


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