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Time Zone:est
Played time:off and on for a year
Age Range: 25
Elite Account?:yes p2p
Dragon Roster Includes: rath nebulon Gilas
Highest Lineage Dragon:will be in harbinger next event.

About: I love my current teammates however i need to find a team that will hit 8 out of 8 every event i just jumped from 131 to 322 in level i have just over 200k egg tokens and 1.2k blue frags to make sure I hit in harbinger to keep up with my lvl. Just need a team that hits 8 of 8 every event so I don’t have to spend as much to get my exotic runes and glyphs this season.

You decided to go on a whalespree this season? :hushed:

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And I thought I had big jumps :open_mouth:


One way or another I’ll be getting a mythic this season and the exotic runes and glyphs for it

P2p does that merged the base and next event trying to get a higher defense rather than lvl aiming for 360 next event to hit next teir



But both of the mythics this season aren’t all that great according to the forums. That’s all.

If it comes down to it the warrior will be sitting on my perch lol

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He will be on mine….

You might be interested in some of these teams :smiley:

VikingsDK doesn’t always get 8/8 but they are rising through the ranks. They dominated the charts in this Temple Raid :scream::heart_eyes:

YY is an 8/8 5/5 team :heart_eyes::partying_face:


Do you atlas? :thinking:I’m assuming a lot of 8/8 teams want atlas active players.

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Hey @SoulWAP
We get lvl 10 quest chest and 8/8 Usually we can have u if u would like but pls have a chat just to make sure u are a right fit :hugs::+1:

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