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LFTmy Name is green star I’m a level 279 looking for a diamond league team, I got emerald dragons getting ready to get noctua in a few months, very reliable player time zone is Easter time played the game for a couple of years, have elite acct , my dragons include kinarus , max ferga, maxed icicle, Leo level 50; maxed morphos, maxed algor, maxed sage, maxed kyrule, my highest lineage dragon is ferga

Time Zone:easter
Played time:
Age Range: +18
Elite Account?:yes
Dragon Roster Includes:algor, ferga, icicle, leo, morphos, kyrule
Highest Lineage Dragon:ferga, icicle, morphos
Using red breeding paths , 2,dragon away from getting noctua , should be getting it in the next month

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