Looking for a fun team lvl 233


Language: English
Time Zone: est
Played time: 1y next month
Age Range: any
Elite Account?: no
Dragon Roster Includes: meglok
Highest Lineage Dragon: emerald

About: I am looking for a fun team with atlas I mainly looking for a team that does reach 10 team chest in quest I am not looking to grow this season only work hard in atlas to get maxed defense gear and PvP events

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DILL1GAF is always looking. Atlas castles wars. We do it all. PM me here or in game same name XxWarEaglexX :eagle:

If u r an addict, come and join us at MysticDragunz3 :heart_eyes:

Do you all make team quest 10?

Yes, always

We are very active team. You can check the medal high engagement.
Also we r in P1

NewbieNoobs also recruiting! 11 castles - all elements, and I’ll throw in 20 mil gold just for you (yaaaay troop building).

Hit me up in game or in forums. Happy to accept you during this event or prior to the next one. Happy Hunting.

TenKill - NewbieNoobs

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So not participating in fort or breeding at all?

Just for fortification event :smile:

HappierDayz are looking for a couple of people to replace a couple of alts. We are in Platt 2- looking at moving up the ranks. We are a friendly, happy, helpful team and have managed to keep it drama free. The only thing we ask of our members is to do all wars, events and event quests. If you would be interested please contact me in game, thanks. IGN xbinxiex

We are looking for players…and yes we believe in Quest to get those 1200 rubbies.But, you have to be over 21…we very active…in Game and Atlas…but we are P2…moving closer to Sapphire…if interested…email DrummerGirl7 so I can send you an invite

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