Looking for a guild platuim or higher!


IM A DAILY, EVERYDAY ALL DAY PLAYER. I live in this game,help others and help members level up. Yes i do pay to play this is my choose as i dont smoke, i dont drink. I have been a guild leader and in every guild of any game i have been a officer. I have play many games so im not new to much. I normal am login in about 8 to 12 hrs a day. I join every battle i can and defend every chance i can. I am a level 84 or hmm many its 85 . I have only been playing this game sence july of this year i think. I would like a good honest TEAM WORKING GUILD! Im sick of guild that u have to carry everyone and they dont know what team work is. I AM A GAMER! I would ask if u have room for maybe 2/4 other members. They are everyday players and have been with me since the beginning. They love the game as much as i do. 2 of them are nigbt players .They are level 30ish they carry thier weight and are very good people. SO IF U HAVE ROOM PLEASE MESSAGE ME. I will not move before the event is over. As i unfortunately have to much invested in this event!!


Hi tammyc, I enjoyed reading your message and have forwarded it to my team leader of the WarEnforcers, FIREstarter02. I do believe that the WarEnforcers would be a good fit for you and for your teammates.


That will work, i will check out the guilds.
thank you



You and your friends are welcome to join our platinum 3 team, Thegamers2. We believe in team work; and we are an international team, so we have people on almost 24/7. We are rebuilding, so we will have slackers that will need to be weeded out. I just posted an ad in this forum for recruiting for our team, if you want to see more information. You can also send me a message if you have any questions!



Thank you will check it out.


Heyo! Check out DeathsDominion. We are currently Plat2 and looking to be Plat1 soon, eventually higher. We chat both in game and out, make use of various social platforms, have YouTube videos, and also have a website. (DeathsDominion Site) Contact me or another officer in game or here.


Hey, my team is currently on the lookout for a few new members check us out! Team is crimsondragons, we are a chilled very active team. Message me thru game whether it’s for u or not. Cheers


What is lineclub house?


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