Looking for a new team - Closed!

Looking for Team (Applying)
LFT – `` DefendedSkiesPlat 2 to ` plat 2 and above’

Language: English
Time Zone: Not exactly sure … I live in the US
Played time: 2-4 months
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: No
Dragon Roster Includes: Leos, Amorak
Highest Lineage Dragon: Amorak

About: I am an active player looking for a team in plat 2 up. My old team was awesome but consistently was in the last couple rankings in events. I am on WD at least once a day and always do my war runs and get 5 flames. I’d love to join a team that does well in events and wars. I am a low level; only 49 soon to be 50, but I work hard and hope to level up as much as possible. If you are interested in me joining your team then contact me in game or in this post. My username is DefendedSkies.

I know you’re looking for a P2+ team, it I wanted to reach out and see if you would be interested in joining ObsidianOrder, we are a P4 team. We have a spot that needs to be filled with someone as active as you and we like players that are willing to grow and learn with us. We consistently perform well in events and if you’re looking for a friendly and active family, please look us up and apply.

You know as a leader your post frustrates me. If your team is a true P2 team for example, then you will win the majority of your wars and do well in events. However at some point you will win too many wars and move to P1 where you may or may not get your ass kicked and start coming at the bottom of the table in events. After you lose a few wars you drop down to P2 again and start doing awesome again.

This is the cycle of WD. My advice to you is if you have an awesome team, stick with them. It’s actually hard to find an awesome team. A team can’t always be at the top of the table. I mean sure, if a team is suffering due to non performance and these people aren’t being moved on, fine. But if your team truly is awesome and has a great leadership team, hang in there. I value loyalty over level every time. And if someone applies to my team saying it’s because they want to do better in events I steer well clear of them. No team can promise that all the time.


I agree! Lvl 49s do much better in events in gold league…just saying. If you don’t have elite account, please don’t say that you are moving because of your team’s ranking. Events are spend to win…more higher levels that spend = victory for the team, because of that I’d advise you to go to gold league or stay with your team.

My mini account is level 53 with green legendaries and one divine and amarok capped and a “perfect” base with zero towers in storage.

I would 100% not fit in a platinum team so it resides down in gold right now where it more fits.

I’d reconsider your ask if you don’t find anybody that high up willing to take you and support you


As a key member of a platinum 2 team my advice to you is to learn and grow if you already have a good team around you. At your level you won’t contribute much to a platinum 2 team except getting your flames in war. You’re also a tad behind in breeding. Platinum 2 in events will be difficult for you. So to do well you’ll rely on your bigger teammates to help.

I guess what I’m saying is that outside of getting 5flames in war you’re not going to add a whole lot to a plat 2 team. So get bigger, get stronger, learn to fly well and you’ll naturally move up in leagues as time goes by. Good luck!

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