Looking for a new team that has atlas. Plat 1-4

Am used to atlas and looking for another team who has it. Was in the platinum league. Am active for all wars and events and in atlas. if you could message me here or in game.


Hey we are plat 1 but don’t have atlas YET! Sometime in the end of March we will get it. Team: Coldbrewcrew

Also what level are you? Highest tier dragon? And are u used to waves? If not it’s ok, you will learn :slight_smile:

Depends not all plats going to get atlas I do hope u make sap tho good crew there

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50% to 75% is getting it we are 1-2 wars away from saph 3 so …

I highly recommend coldcrewbrew

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im lvl 72, highest dragon in tiers is yesiru about to get whalegnawer. yes am used to waves and atlas.

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Great! Message @Tingg in game with intro mail if you are interested. :grin:

Join them there everything they say they are n I can bet a bottom dollar they will have atlas in like 10 days

did the game system say your team was getting atas that soon?

PG said near the end of March…either way there are very few teams with atlas in Platinum 1 atm. Here I’ll get the link: Adding Teams to Atlas

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As stated I was in there group there fun and assist they helped me get from lvl 60 to 90 during fort they put the team first! Help as much as they can

All the teams with atlas from the November rollout :point_up_2: just trying to help :slight_smile:

so those taems already have atlas or their about to? thanks @Cloak

Already have

what team are you on @Cloak
does it have atlas?

He already told you bud.


oh lol

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