Looking for a new team

Hi I am level 75 looking for a sapphire team Ihave very active status and all ways participates in events and wars i have chimerak’s Garnet stone skar’s platinum stone and amorak to level 26 ready to evolve 4 levels once i reach the required levels please consider my joining your team.I am in platinum 2.

Join us. Wolfsbrothers. We would love to have us in the family.

Hello TheAftermath is looking for new members we were a plat 3 team but we disband and now we are rebuilding our team and would love to have you :slight_smile:

Over and out,

We would love to have you we are currently in platinum 4 but will probably be in platinum 3 next week after these wars :blush:. I know it’s not sapphire but we will get there and love your help in doing so. You can apply or mail me if you’re intrested.

DancEofDragons currently a plat iii team is looking to replace some alts, we do require war plus event and have line app for communication

you need to invite me over so i can join thank you

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