Looking for a place to learn

Hi war dragons. I just got the game today and I’m wondering if I could join someone’s team and they could show me the ropes? Just want some friends really. Please reply!

Look for an active team in gold and join them. Learn then progress. Don’t try to level up too fast. Read on the forums then act. You can’t go backwards once youve done something!

Read Red’s FAQ here:

Go to the strategy section and read these threads:


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You need to be level 20 for our guild, legionpsychos, but a good team will have a complete wiki page and hopefully have a line chat database and forum for you.

If you have a hard time finding one please email me in game ChargerRT1969 and I will help answer your questions.

Have fun and definitely become an Elite subscriber, makes a huge difference.

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If you are active or very active with an elite account you can join is at xPyschWardx. Just send me message in game.

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I’m level 88 is that alright?

Come join The Red Eclipse! We’re friendly, chatty, helpful, and players come back if they get kicked (because they like the team so much). Or they at least try to. We’ve got a wiki, share, rss, help each other grow. We’re a dragon family that is active and participates.

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I’m sorry but it appears you have bought this account and are going against the ToS. Sigh.


That’s a great level. Again, if you need help just ask, we would also love to talk to you to join our psycho team!

Have fun, that’s what gaming is all about.

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Not familiar with this, please explain

Nope didn’t buy, just found out the details of my original account from winter last year. :innocent:

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